Best 60 Degree Wedges

In the world of golf, mastering the short game is essential for achieving consistent and successful results on the course. One indispensable tool that aids golfers in finesse shots around the green is the 60-degree wedge. With its high loft and precise design, the 60-degree wedge allows players to execute accurate shots from tight lies and greenside bunkers.

Best 60 Degree Wedges

Designed specifically for those critical scoring shots, the best 60-degree wedges offer golfers exceptional control, spin, and versatility. These wedges allow players to hit high, soft-landing shots that stop quickly on the greens, making them ideal for delicate chips, pitch shots, and bunker escapes. 

By considering factors such as design features, construction materials, and customer feedback, we have compiled a selection of outstanding wedges that combine cutting-edge technology with reliable performance. Whether you prefer a classic blade-style wedge or a cavity-back design with forgiveness, our comprehensive review will help you navigate the vast array of options and choose the best 60-degree wedge to enhance your short game skills.

In this review article, we delve into the realm of golf wedges and present an in-depth analysis of the 5 best 60-degree wedges available in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to upgrade your wedge arsenal or a beginner seeking the perfect wedge to improve your short game, this comprehensive review will assist you in making an informed decision to elevate your performance on the golf course. 

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge

TaylorMade Milled

  • Incredible Spin
  • Enhanced Precision
  • Amazing Stopping Power
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

  • Precision Control
  • Shot Versatility
  • Maximum Spin
Mizuno T-22 Wedge

Mizuno T-22 Wedge

  • Enhanced Shot Versatility
  • Consistent Spin
  • Trajectory Control

Best 60 Degree Wedges



TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge

  • RAW Face Technology
  • Milled Grind
  • Raised Micro-Ribs
  • ZTP-17 Grooves
  • Thick-Thin Design


Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

  • Spin Milled Architecture
  • Ultimate shot versatility
  • Enhanced adaptability with numerous Grind options
  • Precise and solid contact
  • Distance and trajectory control
  • Maximum spin
  • Durable grooves


Mizuno T-22 Wedge

Mizuno T-22 Wedge

  • Precision-milled face
  • Grain Flow Forged HD construction
  • Quad Cut Groove Technology
  • Versatile teardrop shape
  • Tour inspired look


PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedge

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedge

  • Full Face Grooves
  • High Toe Weighting
  • Precision Weighting Technology
  • 100% CNC Milled Construction
  • XTREME Dark Finish Option


Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge

  • HydraZip face for maximized friction
  • ZipCore technology for enhanced stabilization
  • UltiZip grooves for incredible spin and control
  • Low+, Mid, and Full Grinds options
  • Grind specific edges
  • Laser patterns on striking areas

1. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge: -Best Overall

Best Overall

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge


  • Lie angle of 64 degrees 
  • Bounce Angle of 8 (Low), 12 (Standard) and 14 (High) degrees 
  • Standard length of 35.25 inches
  • Swing Weight of D5

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge is a remarkable piece of equipment that offers golfers unparalleled performance and precision around the greens. With its innovative design, advanced materials, and attention to detail, this wedge truly stands out in the crowded market. Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Milled Grind 3 Wedge a top choice in the best 60 degree wedges category.

Talking about the spin performance, the Milled Grind 3 is truly exceptional in this regard. During testing, the wedge consistently produced maximum spin on all types of shots. This remarkable spin is attributed to the combination of features such as the RAW Face Technology, Raised Micro-Ribs, and the ZTP-17 Groove. The ZTP-17 Grooves, with their steep walls and sharp edge radius, create more bite on the ball, while the Raised Micro-Ribs add a unique abrasive surface for enhanced performance on shorter shots. This helped us to deliver exceptional spin around the greens and enhance precision on partial shots. What’s more, the added face texture provided us with incredible control and the ability to manipulate the ball’s spin to our advantage.

TaylorMade offers a range of sole options with the MG3 60-degree wedge. 

  • Low Bounce option provides 8 degrees of bounce. This option promotes versatility and the ability to open the club face, which provides ease in hitting soft, open-faced pitch shots.
  • Standard Bounce is available in every loft, offering 12 degrees of bounce. The bounce is designed to cater to a wide range of players and turf conditions. It offers versatility and forgiveness, making it suitable for various types of shots and lies. 
  • High Bounce option offers 14 degrees of bounce, specifically designed to excel in softer turf conditions. It helps prevent the club from digging into the ground, providing better forgiveness and maintaining consistent performance even in challenging lies. The high bounce option is particularly beneficial for players who have steeper attack angles or prefer a higher trajectory on their shots.

The RAW Face Technology of the Milled Grind 3, as mentioned before, is not only attributed to the spin performance but rather extends to promote enhanced control too. The face features sharper, narrower, and deeper grooves, along with laser-etched precision. This design helped us tremendously to generate maximum control and stopping power

The ZTP-17 Groove design in the Milled Grind 3 is another notable feature. The steep side walls and sharp edge radius maximize spin, allowing us to generate exceptional spin rates and control on our shots. We found that the grooves worked effectively to impart spin on the ball, resulting in shots that held their lines and stopped quickly on the greens.

The Thick-Thin Design of the Milled Grind 3 is aimed at optimizing the center of gravity (CG) location for precise flight and enhanced feel. By redistributing mass, TaylorMade has achieved a club that delivers consistent and controlled ball flight, giving us the confidence to execute shots with accuracy and precision.

When it came to greenside precision, the Milled Grind 3 also excelled in this regard. The all-new Raised Micro-Ribs on the face provided us with added precision on challenging shots around the green. The textured surface area increased interaction between the clubface and the ball, improving the feel and control of finesse shots. We found ourselves consistently able to execute delicate shots with confidence and accuracy.

The craftsmanship of the Milled Grind 3 is exceptional. The milling process used in its production ensures maximum consistency and precise grinds on each wedge. This attention to detail translates to optimal turf interaction and consistent performance. We were impressed with the overall quality and craftsmanship of the wedge, which instilled confidence in our shots. Moreover, the unplated material used in this wedge rusts over time, which preserves the spin properties and ensures better performance, especially in wet conditions. We appreciated the fact that only the face rusts while the rest of the head maintains a premium finish, giving the wedge a unique and time-honored look.

There is also a wide range of compatible shafts to choose from. These include:

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Tour Issue Steel 
  • TaylorMade Kalea Premier 40 Graphite
  • Project X LZ 6.0 Steel 
  • Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Wedge Steel
  • KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Steel
  • KBS TOUR-V Steel
  • Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Graphite
  • UST Mamiya Recoil 450 Graphite


  • Maximized Spin
  • Incredible feel
  • Precision control
  • Controlled flight


  • The Raw Face translates to rust on the whole face, which is not acceptable to few

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 60-degree Wedge impressed us with its exceptional spin performance, precise craftsmanship, and innovative features. The RAW Face Micro-Ribs technology, combined with the RAW Face Technology and ZTP-17 Groove design, provided us with outstanding control and spin on all types of shots. The wedge’s construction and attention to detail instilled confidence in our short game. So, if you’re looking for a versatile and high-performing wedge, the Milled Grind 3 is definitely worth considering.

2. Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge: – High Performance

Great Value

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge


  • Lie angle of 64 degrees 
  • Bounce Angle varies between 4 to 14 degrees 
  • Standard length of 35 inches

The Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge offers exceptional precision control, shot versatility, optimized spin, and striking looks. With high-end materials and a technologically advanced design, it is an ideal choice in the lob wedge category for golfers of all skill levels. So, without any further ado, let’s lay down all the features that make it qualify as the top pick of the best 60 degree wedges.

First and foremost, the standout feature of this wedge is its ultimate shot versatility. No matter your swing style, you’ll find the right grind among the numerous options Titleist offers for this range. Once we found the perfect grind for our game, using the 60-degree lob wedge was an amazing experience on the course. We had incredible contact with the ball, and we were able to kick off a variety of shots irrespective of all conditions. 

Taking about the different grinds, you can choose from the L, T, M, S, D and K Grind options. Let’s take a closer look at the different grinds available for the 60-degree lob wedge, making it easier for you to decide which one suits your swing:

  • The L Grind features the lowest bounce of 4 degrees. It allows maximum shot versatility for the players with precision and control over their hits.
  • The T Grind features a combination of the narrowest sole and a low bounce of 4 degrees that helps deliver ultimate greenside versatility.  
  • The M Grind, along with a bounce angle of 8 degrees, features versatility in the clubface positions and is ideal for those having a shallow swing style.
  • The S Grind, along with a bounce angle of 10 degrees, is a combination of a full sole with a narrow edge that helps deliver more control over the loft.
  • The D Grind, along with a bounce angle of 12 degrees, is an optimal blend of versatility, forgiveness, and high bounce. Thus, it is the right choice for players having steeper attack angles. 
  • The K Grind features the highest bounce of 14 degrees through a wide sole while being forgiving.

Moving forward, the control this wedge promotes is remarkable. We were able to deliver more controlled ball flights while generating solid contact. The distances were precise, and we hit closer most of the time. If you look towards the technical aspect, Titleist has moved the Centre of Gravity (CG) much forward in order to optimize the trajectory control.  

The Vokey SM9 Wedge is equipped with advanced grooves that are extremely helpful for enhanced spin performance. All our shots were delivered with maximum spin, which helped improve our game tremendously. Moreover, the grooves are incredibly durable and, thus, a good choice in the long run. 

Last but not least, the SM9 Wedge is amazingly good looking, which makes it even more exciting to play on the course. Titleist offers tons of customization for this series. That is to say, you can even choose from the three available finishes, including steel, chrome and jet black.

There is also a wide range of compatible shafts to choose from. These include:

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Flex Steel 
  • KBS Tour Lite 95 (Lightweight) Steel
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AM2 Red (Regular Flex and Lightweight) Graphite
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AM2 Red (Ladies Flex and Lightweight) Graphite


  • Enhanced Shot Versatility
  • Lower flight
  • Higher spin
  • Distance Control
  • Highly adaptable


  • Low on the forgiving stance

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Titleist Vokey SM9 Lob Wedge of 60 degrees is an outstanding choice for golfers looking for a wedge that delivers precision control, shot versatility, and maximized spin. With various grind options, you can choose the one that best fits your swing style, and the advanced grooves ensure that you can generate maximum spin on your shots. The wedge is also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it compatible with your swing speed.

3. Mizuno T-22 Wedge: – Incredible Value 

Premium Choice

Mizuno T-22 Wedge


  • Lie angle of 63 degrees
  • Bounce Angle from 6 (X-Grind) and 10 (C-Grind) degrees
  • Standard length of 35.25 inches

The Mizuno T-22 60-degree is a versatile and high-performing wedge designed to improve your short game and overall performance on the course. One of the most outstanding features of the T-22 Wedge is its shot versatility, which is essential for golfers who need to rely on their wedges to make accurate shots around the greens. 

The modified teardrop shape of the T-22 Wedge is slightly more compact, with an extensively beveled top edge that creates the appearance of a thinner edge. This design feature helps to improve shot versatility, making it easier to hit a wide variety of shots from any lie. On the course, this meant that we were able to hit a wide variety of shots from any lie, and with multiple bounce options available, we could choose the one that best suited our swing style and playing conditions. The wedge also features a spin-weighted blade design, where flaring or tapering the upper portion of the blade creates a higher consistent spin and a more penetrating trajectory

What’s more, the Mizuno T-22 Wedge offers a range of grind options to suit different swing styles and playing conditions, allowing you to find the perfect wedge to improve your short game. The options that are compatible with the 60 degree wedge include:

  • C-Grind: This grind is designed with a slightly wider sole and heel relief, allowing the club to be more versatile in various lies and turf conditions. The bounce angle featured by this grind option yields 10 degrees.
  • X-Grind: This grind has a narrow sole and minimal camber, making it ideal for players who like to open up the face for flop shots and other high-lofted shots around the green. The bounce angle featured by this grind option yields 6 degrees.

The T-22 Wedge has two different bounce options, 6 and 10 degrees, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your swing style and playing conditions. Moreover, the Quad Cut Groove technology features four groove shapes, optimizing spin and control on every shot, regardless of your swing speed or playing conditions. 

Mizuno’s HydroFlow Micro Grooves are laser-etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop-off to enhance the wedge’s wet weather performance. The quad-cut grooves are milled and loft-specific, cut into Boron-infused steel for a longer effective lifespan. The wedge is available in Satin Chrome, Denim Copper, or Raw, with Raw steel coming without soft copper underlay and will rust over time, creating a look requested by many tour players.

Regarding looks and feel, the T-22 Wedge is forged at Mizuno’s iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan, using one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron. This unique construction technique creates a clubhead with a more precise and consistent grain structure, resulting in an incredibly soft and responsive wedge. The feeling of impact helped instill confidence in every shot we played. The wedge also has a microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome, creating an extra millisecond of control at impact.

There is also a wide range of compatible shafts to choose from. These include:

  • KBS C-Taper Lite Steel
  • KBS Hi Rev 2.0 Black PVD Steel
  • KBS PGI Graphite
  • Mitsubishi Chemical MMT 105 Graphite
  • KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Steel
  • Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Wedge Steel
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Spinner Tour Issue Steel 
  • Aerotech Steelfiber i110 Graphite


  • Consistent spin
  • Trajectory control
  • Soft and responsive feel
  • Shot versatility


  • The denim copper finish is prone to scuffing

Final Verdict:

Mizuno found the T-22 Wedge perfect for golf.
Those who want to improve their short game. Its exceptional features set it apart from other wedges, giving us the precision.

consistency and confidence we need to elevate our game on the course.

4. PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedge


  • Lie angle of 64 degrees
  • Bounce Angle of 10 (C-Grind) and 13 (BP-Grind) degrees 
  • Standard length of 35 inches
  • Offset of 0.025 inches

Regarding precision, accuracy, and stopping power, the PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II 60-degree Lob Wedge is a game-changer. Our experience with this wedge was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative features that elevated our short game and helped us lower our scores.

One of the standout features of the Sugar Daddy II wedge is its choice of two innovative sole designs available in every loft: the BP-Grind and the C-Grind. We found ourselves impressed by the versatility these options offered, allowing us to adapt to various turf conditions and play styles. Let’s get into what these grinds have to offer. 

  • BP-Grind: The BP-Grind sole is reliable for golfers having a steeper attack angle and playing on lush turf or deep sand traps. Its wider sole and subtle taper from heel to toe provided us with an added bounce of 13 degrees and forgiveness, giving us the confidence to tackle challenging shots with ease.
  • C-Grind: The C-Grind sole is incredible in firm turf conditions, showcasing its narrow sole and aggressive taper from heel to toe. As skilled golfers who enjoy creativity around the green, we appreciated the moderate bounce of 10 degrees it offered, enabling us to execute a wide range of imaginative shots.

Moving forward, the Full Face Grooves feature of the Sugar Daddy II wedge left a lasting impression on us. These precision-milled grooves extend to the face perimeter, resulting in an expanded hitting area. Not only did this promote consistent ball contact, even on shots toward the toe side of the face, but it also instilled confidence at address, knowing we had a reliable impact zone to rely on.

The shot-making tendencies of the wedge are also remarkable, which has mainly to do with the High Toe Weighting feature that tremendously aids in enhancing performance on the course. This adjustable weighting system expertly positions the center of gravity (CG) for open-face shots, ensuring greater impact consistency and forgiveness. It made a noticeable difference in all our played shots around the green.

Additionally, PXG introduces Precision Weighting Technology to this wedge, which is responsible for the swing weight adjustability. The ability to fine-tune the head weight configuration in 2-gram increments during fitting allowed us to experiment and find the optimal setup that matched our playing style, resulting in a truly personalized performance. This is undoubtedly a feature that maximizes the adaptability of the wedge according to your very own swing style. 

Last but not least, the PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II wedge’s construction is 100% CNC milled, which is evident in its impeccable craftsmanship. Every line, curve, and angle was produced to exact specifications, ensuring consistent performance. The use of triple-forged 8620 mild carbon steel not only prolonged the life of the grooves but also added a touch of elegance to the club’s appearance over time.

There is also a wide range of compatible shafts to choose from. These include:

  • Project X Cypher 60i 5.5 Graphite
  • UST Mamiya Recoil 75 Dart F3 Graphite
  • KBS Max Graphite 65 R 
  • KBS TGI Graphite 70 R 
  • Mitsubishi MMT 70 R Graphite
  • Aerotech SteelFiber 70 R Graphite
  • Accra iSeries 70i 


  • Shot versatility
  • Incredible workability
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Amazing adjustability


  • Comparatively expensive

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II 60-degree Lob Wedge exceeded our precision, accuracy, and versatility expectations. With its exceptional features, such as Full Face Grooves, High Toe Weighting, and Precision Weighting Technology, this wedge allowed us to take our short game to new heights. Whether facing challenging shots or executing creative maneuvers, the Sugar Daddy II proved to be a reliable and personalized companion on the course.

5. Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge


  • Lie angle of 64 degrees
  • Bounce Angle of 6 (Low), 10 (Mid), and 12 (Full) degrees 
  • Standard length of 34.875 inches
  • Swing Weight of D5

The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge features exceptional performance through enhanced spin, incredible control, significant turf interaction, and ultimate feel. These attributes make it a fantastic choice for golfers of all skill levels. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into our review of the wedge, which we consider to be one of the best 60 degree wedges available. 

Starting off, the 60-degree loft option of the RTX 6 ZipCore series comes with three grinds – Lo+, Mid, or High. The details of these are provided as follows:

  • Low features a powerful combination of low grind, C-shaped sole, and sharpest edges, ultimately leading to equal proportions of versatility and sand performance. On the course, this helped us to play in firmer turf conditions, handle smaller divots, exhibit shallow attack angles, and hit open-face shots with a bounce of approximately 6 degrees
  • Mid features a V-shaped sole with round edges, which meant that we could maintain a stable performance on full swings while also hitting open-face shots. It also helped us to play in all turf conditions, handle average-sized divots, and exhibit neutral attack angles with a bounce of approximately 10 degrees.
  • Full features a combination of added bounce and forgiveness with a traditional sole and round edge, which helps to promote stability on full shots. With this configuration, we were able to play in softer turf conditions, handle large-sized divots, and exhibit steeper attack angles with a bounce of approximately 12 degrees.

Moving forward, one of the standout features of the Cleveland RTX Zip Core Lob Wedge is its incredible shot performance. Regardless of your swing style or course conditions, this wedge provides a wide range of options to suit your needs. We found it effortless to find the right shot shape and trajectory for any situation, allowing us to navigate various lies easily. 

What’s more is that no matter what conditions were posed, either wet or rough, the spin performance was always exceptional nonetheless. From a technical perspective, Cleveland has effectively managed to feature this improvement in spin performance through an effective

It’s easy to find the right cut and speed in any situation.
This allows us to easily navigate through the different lies.
And no matter what the conditions are, be it wet or rough, the spin performance has always been exceptional. From a technical standpoint, Cleveland has managed to effectively highlight this improvement in spin performance through the effective combination of HydraZip faces, UltiZip grooves, and upgraded ZipCore technology.

The UltiZip Grooves are specifically designed to optimize spin rates and increase friction between the ball and the clubface. This led to enhanced spin control, allowing us to generate impressive stopping power on the greens. Our shots consistently held their lines and stopped quickly, giving us an edge in short-game scenarios.

The wedge’s design is optimized for maximum performance. It boasts the innovative ZipCore technology, which enhances both feel and control. The advanced center of gravity (CG) positioning promotes a consistent and controlled ball flight, resulting in precise distance control and increased accuracy. We experienced improved confidence in our shots, knowing that the wedge’s design would assist us in delivering consistent and reliable results. And what’s amazing about it is that the wedge managed to deliver on all fronts. 

Another characteristic that the Cleveland RTX Zip Core Lob Wedge possesses and has been exceptionally important to us is that it boasts incredible durability. The Zip Core technology ensures long-lasting performance, and the grooves maintain their sharpness over time. This means you can rely on the wedge to deliver consistent spin and control throughout its lifespan, making it a wise investment for the long run.

Last but not least, we appreciated the overall feel and balance of the wedge. The club’s design promotes a comfortable and confident grip, allowing for precise shot execution. The 60-degree loft option proved particularly useful for hitting the ball high and stopping it quickly, giving us the versatility needed to tackle various scoring opportunities.

There is also a wide range of compatible shafts to choose from. These include:

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Spinner Tour Issue Steel 
  • Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner Graphite
  • KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Steel
  • KBS TOUR-V Steel
  • Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Wedge Steel
  • UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Graphite 


  • Enhanced shot versatility
  • Incredible spin performance 
  • Exceptional control
  • Up to 3 grind options of choice
  • Improved turf interaction


  • Low on the forgiveness

Final Verdict:

In summary, the Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Lob Wedge is a top-tier choice for any golfer seeking a high-performing 60-degree wedge. Its shot versatility, optimized grind design, impressive spin capabilities, and long-lasting durability make it a standout option on the market. Whether you’re an average player or a seasoned pro, this wedge is sure to elevate your short game and help you excel on the course. 

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best 60 degree wedges for golfers of all skill levels, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the right club to enhance your game. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Best 60-degree Wedges Buying Guide
Infographic: Best 60-degree Wedges Buying Guide
  • Loft and Bounce: When selecting a 60-degree wedge, consider the loft and bounce options available. Higher lofts provide greater versatility for various shots, while the bounce determines how the club interacts with the turf. Opt for a wedge with a bounce suited to your playing style and the course conditions you typically encounter.
  • Grooves and Spin: Pay attention to the wedge’s grooves, as they play a crucial role in generating spin. Look for wedges with well-defined grooves that promote consistent ball contact and spin control. The ability to generate ample backspin is crucial for stopping the ball quickly on the greens.
  • Feel and Feedback: The feel and feedback provided by a wedge are essential for executing precise shots. Consider wedges with a soft yet responsive feel, allowing you to gauge the shot’s impact and make adjustments accordingly. Test different wedges to find the one that offers optimal feedback and enhances your touch around the greens.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, choosing the best 60-degree wedge is a matter of personal preference. Factors such as appearance, brand reputation, and price should also be considered. Take the time to test and compare different options, considering your budget and individual playing style, to find the wedge that complements your short game skills.

By considering these factors, mid handicappers can choose the best wedge that complements their skill level and playing style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can help you choose the best lob wedges of 60 degrees.

What is a 60-degree wedge, and why is it important for the short game? 

A 60-degree wedge is a golf club with a loft angle of 60 degrees, designed for the short game. It is important because it provides high loft, control, and versatility for shots played near the green. The loft allows for high, soft-landing shots, while the control enables precise chip, pitch, and flop shots.

The versatility of the 60-degree wedge allows golfers to navigate various obstacles and execute different types of shots, ultimately improving their chances of success and lowering their scores.

What is the average distance for a 60 degree wedge?

The average distance for a 60-degree wedge can vary depending on several factors, including the golfer’s swing speed and technique. On average, a well-struck shot with a 60-degree wedge can carry the ball approximately 70 to 90 yards.

However, it’s important to note that individual results may differ, and golfers should practice and experiment to determine their average distance with this club.

When should you use a 60-degree wedge?

A 60-degree wedge is typically used for shots that require a high trajectory and a soft landing near the green. It is commonly used for short bunker shots, flop shots, tight lie shots, and delicate chip and pitch shots.

The high loft of the 60-degree wedge allows players to clear obstacles, generate spin, and control the ball’s flight and landing.

How does the bounce angle affect the performance of a 60-degree wedge? 

The bounce angle of a 60-degree wedge affects its performance by determining how it interacts with the turf. Higher bounce angles prevent the club from digging into the ground, making it ideal for soft lies and bunker shots. Lower bounce angles are better for tight lies and firmer conditions.

The optimal bounce angle varies based on a player’s swing style and the playing conditions. Testing different bounce angles helps determine the best choice for consistent performance.

What role do grooves play in a 60-degree wedge? 

The 60-degree wedge is typically referred to as a lob wedge, and the grooves on the face of a lob wedge play a crucial role in its performance. Here’s how grooves affect the performance of a 60-degree wedge:

  • Spin Generation: The primary function of the grooves is to create friction between the ball and the clubface, enabling the generation of a backspin. When the ball comes into contact with the grooves at impact, they grip the cover of the ball, imparting spin to it. The higher loft of a 60-degree wedge and the increased surface area of the grooves allow for more interaction between the ball and the clubface, resulting in an enhanced spin.
  • Control: The grooves on a 60-degree wedge also contribute to control and accuracy.
  • As the grooves grip the ball they help it slide across the face and reduce slippage, helping to prevent a more consistent strike.
  • This extra control is especially important when playing delicate shots around the green or hitting shots that require a high degree of accuracy.
  • Debris Clearance: Another function of the grooves is to channel away debris, such as grass, sand, or water and that might come between the clubface and the ball. By providing channels or channels between the grooves. they help maintain clean contact with the ball and reduce the chance of the club skidding or bouncing off the surface.

By considering these factors and answering these frequently asked questions, you can choose the best wedges for your short game.


As a final note, we have reviewed 5 of the best 60 degrees wedges to help you arrive at a decision. Choosing a suitable wedge is essential if you aim to improve your short game. While an affordable wedge that can provide an optimized combo of spin control, versatility, and forgiveness is a good choice, it will also depend on your individual preferences. However, in a concluding manner, our tops picks include:

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