Can You Use Marine Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Golf carts have become a common mode of transportation in many communities, especially in recreational areas such as golf courses and resorts. The demand for golf carts has increased dramatically over the years, and so has the need for reliable power sources. While most golf carts come with traditional lead-acid batteries, some people may wonder if marine batteries can be used instead. A golf cart can use marine batteries, but they are not appropriate for them.

can you use marine batteries in a golf cart

Marine batteries have a shorter run time, need faster replacements, and cause damage to electrical components and other factors. Marine batteries can power your golf cart but will not serve you for a long time and can cause serious problems. Thus it is recommended not to use marine batteries for your golf carts. You should consider several reasons while replacing your golf cart batteries with marine batteries. This article will explore whether marine batteries are a suitable alternative for golf carts.

Golf Cart Battery vs Marine Battery

FeaturesGolf Cart BatteryMarine Battery
Build UpLighter as compared to marine batteryHeavier and bulkier as compared to a golf cart battery.
Run TimeLonger Run timeShorter Run time
TemperatureIt can be used at higher temperaturesRecommended to use at lower temperatures (max 90°F)
Discharge RateFastSlow
Need ReplacementAfter 4-6 yearsYearly
PlatesLongerThicker & Shorter
DurableLess durableMore durable
PowerLess PowerfulMore Powerful

It’s crucial first to comprehend how a marine battery differs from a standard lead-acid battery. A marine battery is designed for use in boats and other watercraft, where it is subject to constant movement and vibration. They are typically built with thicker plates and more robust construction to withstand the harsh marine environment. In contrast, a traditional lead-acid battery is designed for stationary use, such as powering a car or golf cart.

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Reasons why Marine Batteries are not a good choice for a Golf Cart

While it may seem like a marine battery’s durability and robustness make it an ideal option for a golf cart. There are a number of factors to consider before making this decision.

1. Heavier and Bulkier than a Golf Cart Battery

Firstly, marine batteries are usually heavier and bulkier than traditional lead-acid batteries. That makes them more challenging to install and move around. Golf carts are designed to be lightweight and agile, and adding a heavy battery can negatively impact their performance.

2. Slow Discharge Rate

Another issue with using a marine battery in a golf cart is the battery’s discharge rate. Marine batteries are typically deep-cycle, meaning they are designed to discharge slowly over a more extended period. On the other hand, golf carts require batteries that can deliver a high amount of power quickly, such as during acceleration. Using a battery that is not suited for this purpose may result in poor performance, reduced range, and a shorter lifespan.

3. Reduced Run Time

Marine batteries don’t last long on a golf course. For instance, if your golf cart battery works well for 18 hours. While using a marine battery, you will only last 9 holes. Thus you can use a golf cart with a marine battery for shorter runs and errands. They cannot support you in your longer adventure and many hours on a golf course.

4. Need Replacement Quickly

Marine batteries wear out early as compared to golf cart batteries. Golf cart batteries are made up of high-quality parts so they keep you accompanied for an extended time. Marine batteries are strong and long-lasting, but they need to be replaced soon.

5. Can cause damage to sensitive Internal Parts

As marine batteries are not specifically designed for golf carts. They can harm sensitive internal parts of your golf cart. Marine batteries are not compatible with a golf cart. They can help you run a golf cart but can cause significant damage to the system of your golf cart. Thus, replacing your golf cart’s battery with a marine one is not recommended.

6. Temperature Sensitive

Marine batteries are not made to charge and discharge at higher temperatures. A maximum of 90°F is advisable when charging marine batteries. While golf cart batteries are charged at higher temperatures. This temperature difference significantly affects the performance of a battery. Thus marine battery works for a short period of time and covers small distances when placed in a golf cart.

7. Plates Difference

Plates in any battery are designed to hold a maximum charge. A 12V golf battery has longer plates and thus can hold a charge for a longer run time. While plates in marine batteries are thicker and dramatically shorter than a golf cart battery. They are best for a short, powerful run and can withstand harsh water environments successfully. But they cannot prove to be successful when replaced with a golf cart battery.

What benefits can a Marine Battery provide for a Golf Cart?

Let us check out some of the benefits of marine batteries that can help boost your golf cart


Marine batteries are designed to be more powerful as they are made to work in harsh marine environments. These are used in jet skis and boats requiring more power. Consequently, it is believed that marine batteries are more powerful than conventional golf cart batteries.


As I have already discussed, marine batteries are made to overcome harsh weather conditions. Thus they are made to be more rough and tough and, ultimately, more durable.


Last but not least, the price of using a marine battery in a golf cart should be taken into account. Generally speaking, marine batteries are less expensive than regular lead-acid batteries. While they may last longer in certain situations, they may not provide any significant advantages when used in a golf cart. Since golf carts are usually used for short distances and low speeds, a traditional lead-acid battery is often more than sufficient for their needs.

Should a marine battery be used to replace a golf cart battery?

The use of a marine battery in a golf cart has several benefits. They are cheaper, more durable, and more powerful. You can replace your golf cart battery with them, but it can cause you more harm than usage. Marine batteries can cause permanent damage to your golf carts. Moreover, they can only carry you for a minimum distance when used in a golf cart. Additionally, they wear out quickly and require replacements.

In any case, consider both the benefits and drawbacks of using a marine battery. The disadvantages are more than enough to keep you from replacing your golf cart battery with a marine one. You can experiment and use a marine battery in your golf cart but at your own risk.


In conclusion, while a marine battery may seem like a viable option for a golf cart due to its durability and robustness, it’s not always the best choice. Golf carts require batteries that can deliver a high amount of power in a short time, and marine batteries are not typically designed for this purpose. Additionally, the disadvantages and weight of a marine battery may outweigh any potential benefits. Therefore, it’s recommended to stick with a traditional lead-acid battery when powering a golf cart.

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