AC Vs. DC Golf Cart: Which one is better?

Golf carts have become a popular mode of transportation, not only on golf courses but also in many communities and vacation spots. One of the most important decisions to make when purchasing a golf cart is whether to choose an AC or DC-powered model. Both AC and DC golf carts work best in different conditions. Moreover, both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to consider them before making a purchase decision.

An AC golf cart proves to be more beneficial than a DC-powered golf cart. AC-powered golf carts have more power, cover more distance fastly, and better handles incline and terrain. Let’s find out how fast Golf carts move. Moreover, DC carts are cheaper and work best for plain surfaces. Keep reading to find a comparison of AC Vs. DC Golf Cart to choose right one.

ac vs dc golf cart
FeaturesAC-powered golf cartsDC-powered golf carts
SpeedFast speedSlow speed
AffordabilityCheaper as compared to DC cartsExpensive as compared to AC carts
AccelerationMore accelerationLow acceleration
PowerMore powerful engineLess powerful engine
On terrains and inclinesBest for terrain and inclinesDo not work best for terrain and inclines
MaintenanceHigh maintenance requiredLow maintenance required
EfficiencyMore efficientLess efficient

Run-through on AC vs. DC Golf Carts

Now let’s briefly go through AC and DC Golf carts before getting into the technicalities of AC vs. DC golf carts.

DC-powered Golf Carts

DC-powered golf carts have been around for decades and have been the standard in the industry. They have an electric motor powered by a battery that produces electricity through a direct current. These carts are relatively simple, easy to maintain, and cost less upfront than AC-powered carts. They are also known for their efficiency and long battery life, making them popular in many golf courses and communities.

AC-powered Golf Carts

On the other hand, AC-powered golf carts have been gaining popularity in recent years. These carts use an alternating current to power their motors, which allows them to deliver more power and torque than DC-powered carts. They can cover longer distances on a single charge because they are more effective. Additionally, AC-powered carts are easier to maintain as they have fewer moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs over time.

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AC vs. DC Golf Carts

Now we will discuss how an AC cart differs from a DC cart:

Power and Acceleration

When it comes to performance, AC-powered carts are undoubtedly the superior choice. They offer more power and better acceleration. Moreover, they produce more torque and move at more speed than DC-powered golf carts. Additionally, AC carts have more RPM rate resulting in better performance along golf courses and other places.

While DC-powered carts have been used by golfers all around the world but they move at less RPM. So, they will operate at less speed and require more time to cover the same distance as compared to DC-motor carts. Even if you can spend more time traveling through a golf course, an AC-powered golf cart is better because of its high RPM rate.

Inclines and Rough Terrain

AC-powered golf carts can easily handle inclines and rough terrain because of more power and acceleration. This makes them ideal for use in hilly areas, where DC-powered carts may struggle. DC-powered carts can take you across one hill but on multiple hills, they can cause you some problems. However, DC-powered carts are more than adequate for flat terrains and short commutes. While with AC-powered carts you can move up and downhill smoothly. 


With high speed, more RPM, torque, precision, and easy-to-handle parts, AC-powered golf carts are more efficient than DC-powered golf carts. These carts can easily move your heavy load and get you anywhere on the golf courses or other places in less time. While DC-powered golf carts give you less RPM and slow speed and thus are less efficient compared to DC-powered golf carts.


The affordability of DC-powered carts is one of their biggest benefits. They make a great choice for buyers on a tight budget because they are typically less expensive than their AC-powered counterparts. While AC-powered golf carts are expensive and can cause serious damage to your pocket.


Furthermore, DC-powered carts are easy to maintain and repair, and replacement parts are readily available, making them an excellent option for those who prefer to do their maintenance work. But DC golf cart parts wear down easily and have to be replaced quickly. So maintenance cost of DC-golf carts readily increases. Moreover, DC cart batteries heat up more because of the continuously changing current through the batteries.

AC-powered golf carts have a low maintenance cost. Their parts stay longer because of the constant current through the engine. AC batteries have a brushless motor, and thus, changing is not required for an extended period.

What to choose from AC vs. DC Golf Carts?

As you guys have already seen that AC powered golf carts outweigh DC-powered golf carts in every aspect. The only downside of using an AC-powered golf cart is that it is more expensive than DC-powered golf carts. In essence, AC-powered golf carts serve you for a long-term term and can save you from a lot of trouble. But if you cannot afford AC-powered golf carts, DC golf carts can also help you complete your business on golf courses and on plain surfaces.


In conclusion, choosing between an AC and DC-powered golf cart comes down to personal preference and the buyer’s specific requirements. AC-powered carts are more powerful, efficient, and better suited for challenging terrains. They can, however, be more expensive and necessitate specialized maintenance. DC-powered carts are more affordable, easy to maintain, and sufficient for most applications. Finally, before making a purchase decision, buyers should think about their requirements, expenditure, and maintenance requirements.

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