Pros & Cons of Wearing a Golf Glove. Are golf gloves actually useful?

Are you looking to win a golf ball fight from your competitors? Then you require the best supporting equipment. A golf glove is one of the essential pieces you dearly need in your journey. Precision, concentration, and skill are necessary for playing golf. And a golf glove is a tool that supports you in achieving all of these goals. Golf gloves are typically worn on the lead hand, which is the hand that is closest to the club head. But some golfers also tend to use gloves on their trailing hands.  

Wearing a golf glove has many pros and cons. This article will go into great detail about everything. The glove provides a better grip on the club, reduces the risk of blisters, and can even help to improve your swing. Wearing a golf glove does have some drawbacks, though. The benefits and drawbacks of golf glove use will be discussed in this article.

Pros of wearing golf gloves

Pros of wearing a golf glove

Better grip on the club

Better gripping of the club is one of the main advantages of wearing a golf glove. A glove is typically made of tacky material, which helps the golfer maintain a better hold on the club. Through a glove, you get the extra friction that helps you grip the club properly.

In some conditions, gloves really help you deliver the best shot. The glove is essential in wet conditions. When it rains, it is better if you wear a golf glove to have the right grip. Moreover, when the golfer’s hands are sweaty during the hot weather, gloves are there for your rescue. A better grip on the club can lead to better shots, more control over the ball, and a better score.

For the driver’s swing, gloves are preferred as it requires a strong grip, and gloves help in getting a better shot. Also, wearing a glove allows for holding a club with less force. A death grip is not needed with a glove on for a perfect shot. Although for a small swing like putting, golfers tend to remove the club and enjoy the feeling of the club to deliver the best shot.

Protection from blisters

Golfers who play frequently know that blisters can be a painful and frustrating problem. Blisters can form on the golfer’s hand due to the repetitive motion of swinging the club. Wearing a golf glove can help to prevent blisters from forming by providing a barrier between the golfer’s hand and the club. Thanks to gloves, the golfer will be able to play for longer stretches without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Blisters due to playing golf

Moreover, for a newbie, it is better to wear gloves. As new players do not have the perfect idea of the grip. They frequently grip the club too tightly, which leads to calluses and blisters. So to avoid such conditions, it is better if you buy and use golf gloves.

Improved swing

The ability to enhance one’s swing is yet another benefit of wearing a golf glove. A golfer can maintain better control over the club head during the swing by providing a better grip on the club. Additionally, some golf gloves are designed to promote a certain type of grip, such as the interlocking or overlap grip, which can help the golfer to improve their technique.

In a long swing like a driver, gloves are an essential element. They provide more grip and save your hands from additional stress. Also, in a strong swing-like driver, it feels like the club will fall from your hand, so it is better to use gloves. Moreover, it reduces the chance of blisters. So you can deliver your shot without any tension.

Reduced slipping

Wearing a golf glove reduces the chances of the club slipping from your hands. As bare hands do not provide enough grip, your club can fall from your hands in a long swing. But a glove provides grip and stability, and you can force your shot without any issues.

pros of Golf gloves


Finally, some golfers wear golf gloves for their style. Golf gloves come in a variety of colors and designs, and some golfers like to match their gloves to their outfit or their golf bag. While this may not be a significant factor in the golfer’s overall performance, it can add a bit of fun and personality to the game. So add a bit of style and flavor to your golf and deliver flawless shots using gloves.

Is a glove mandatory for playing golf?

Finally, it is worth noting that not all golfers wear golf gloves. Some golfers tend to avoid a golf club because they do not feel the club with gloves. But some professional players deliver best when wearing a glove. So, everything ultimately depends on the golfer. If they feel comfortable enough with a glove, they use it.

When I started playing golf, I used the gloves to get a better grip and avoid blisters. But now, I only use gloves for long swings and tend to remove them for green and short swings. In conclusion, a glove is not mandatory to play golf. From person to person, it differs.

Negative effects of wearing a golf glove

Reduced feel

One of the main drawbacks of wearing a golf glove is that it reduces the golfer’s feel for the club. When wearing a glove, the golfer’s hand is not in direct contact with the club. The reduced feel makes it more difficult to feel the club’s weight, balance, and other essential factors that contribute to a good swing. For this reason, some golfers prefer to play without a glove. When putting or playing short irons, golfers tend to remove their gloves. It is because these shots are not conducive enough to lose the grip of the club.


Golf gloves can be relatively expensive, especially if the golfer is playing frequently and needs to replace the glove often. Additionally, some golfers may prefer to use a specific brand or type of glove, which can also add to the cost. While the cost of a golf glove may not be significant compared to the cost of other golf equipment, it is still a factor to consider.


Another disadvantage of wearing a golf glove is that it can become sweaty and uncomfortable, especially in hot or humid conditions. While some golf gloves are designed to wick away moisture, others may not be as effective, leading to discomfort and distraction during play. Additionally, a sweaty glove can become slippery, which can actually reduce the golfer’s grip on the club.

Tan Lines

Wearing a golf glove can result in tan lines on the golfer’s hand, which may not look desirable, particularly for those who care about their appearance.

tan due to playing golf without gloves

Can you wear gloves on both hands?

Gloves are frequently worn on both hands. Especially in cold weather, they wear gloves to get warmth. Also, when you play in the morning on dewy days and low-temperature days, gloves provide comfort and warmth. Gloves provide more grip for the leading hand as compared to the trailing hand. But you can also wear gloves on both hands to get a better grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some professional players wear gloves, and some do not. Wearing a glove solely depends on the person. They can wear gloves if they want or remove them as they like. Most professional golf players wear gloves. But they tend to remove the gloves in between shots, so the gloves do not become sweaty. As sweaty gloves provide less grip and, thus, are not a good shot.

In my personal experience, I advise you to use gloves for long shots. For drivers and long iron swings, gloves helped me a lot in getting the proper grip. Also, you will face blisters and callouses if you continuously play long shots without gloves. Therefore, it’s best to wear gloves when taking long shots.

For shorter swings, you do not require much strength and a strong grip. So you can deliver the perfect short swing without wearing a glove. I tend to remove my gloves for shorter swings so I can fully enjoy the feel of the club.


In conclusion, wearing a golf glove can provide golfers with an enhanced grip, improved comfort, and some protection. However, it can also be expensive, reduce sensitivity, be uncomfortable in hot and humid conditions, and lead to tan lines. Wearing a golf glove or not ultimately depends on personal preference and playing style. Golfers should experiment with wearing a glove during their practice sessions and find out whether it enhances their performance or not.

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