Driver grip vs. Iron grip: What are the basic differences?

In the world of golf, the grip is an essential element that plays a vital role in determining a golfer’s overall performance. As it is only the point of connection with the club, your grip decides where your ball will fall. One cannot have a good grip in a day or two. But with the techniques discussed below and your continuous effort, you can have a good grip in no time.

Today’s conversational topics include iron and driver grip. Driver grip and Iron grip are not similar and require different grip positions, force, firmness, angle, and size. All of these things take time to master; however, with proper guidance, you can quickly accomplish these goals.

Driver grip vs. Iron grip

Golfers who move their clubs in the same way to get perfect shots for both driver and iron swings fail miserably. There are things to consider and instructions to follow to achieve perfectness in the Iron and driver grip. The differences between iron and driver grips are covered in detail in this article. Do you know How many types of Irons are there in Golf?

Different types of grips

To clearly understand what is the best driver grip or iron grip, firstly you must have knowledge of the different types of grips. There are three different types of grips:

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Weak grip

Listed below are all the elements that result in a weak grip.

  • When you grip your club in the palm, it reduces the mobility of your wrist, resulting in a weak grip.
  • Also, when you grip with the fingers and show no real knuckles on the left hand, it also results in a weak grip.
  • Moreover, when you grip the club in such a way that your thumb line is stretched, it also results in a weak grip.
Driver grip vs. Iron grip, Weak srio

Suitability of Weak Grip for Driver and Iron Swing

A weak grip is not suitable for the driver shot as it requires covering a long distance and excessive speed to deliver the perfect driver swing. It is also not suitable for an iron swing as it requires large force and movement to carry the golf ball.

To move from a weak grip to a strong grip: Fasten your hand in such a way that it results in the appearance of knuckles.

Cons of a Weak Grip

In essence, a weak grip is unsuitable for a driver or an iron swing. Weak grip results in losing your ball to the left or right side. So do not use a weak grip for any of your shots. However, when an athletic person who can master a weak grip appears in front of you, don’t be shocked as they have done tons of practice and work to achieve that level.

Neutral grip

A neutral grip is one of the most used grips for golfers. A neutral grip is also known as palms opposing grip.

  • In a neutral grip, you arrange your hands in such a way that the palm of your left hand is above the palm of your right hand, and both of your thumbs are on the club.
  • In a neutral grip, one or half knuckles on the left hand are showing.
Driver grip vs. Iron grip, Neutral grip

Pros of a Neutral Grip

The neutral grip is best for the straight shot. For driver or iron grip, most of the players prefer to have a neutral grip. Moreover, a neutral grip is best for any swing and works perfectly in a ball fight. I prefer to use a neutral grip whenever I force an iron swing. Also, a neutral grip gives you the perfect balance to control your club face.

Cons of a Neutral Grip

A new golfer can lead to more slicing with a neutral grip. Furthermore, if your ball misses to the right or left, a neutral grip is not your cup of tea.

Strong Grip

The true positions of hands are very important to achieve any grip. The best position of hands to achieve a strong grip is as follows:

  • For a strong grip, you have to grip the club in your fingers and place your hands in such a way that it forms a V line between your thumb and index fingers.
  • Also, the formed V will point towards the trail shoulder. 
  • A strong grip results when you hold a club in such a way that two or three knuckles show in your left hand.
Driver grip vs. Iron grip, Strong grip

Pros of a Strong Grip

A strong grip allows the golfers to have more power in their shots. The chance of a slice also reduces when you hit a ball with a strong grip. Also, the left-to-right missing of a ball is decreased with a strong grip. Moreover, it allows the player to have more control over the club’s face and the acceleration of the ball. Also, gripping more toward the finger allows you to hit the straighter shot.

Best Option for a Driver Grip

A strong grip is best to achieve the driver swing as it gives you more power. Also, the chances of a slice are decreased, and you have more control over the club face.

Note: Left-hand grip is more important (for right-handers); if you get that right, your right hand will follow through it.

What is best for Driver Grip vs. Iron Grip?

Let us dig in to find out whether is Driver grip a better option or an Iron Grip:

Driver Grip

For a driver swing, you have to grip the club in such a way that it covers the maximum distance.

Driver grip vs. Iron grip, driver grip

What are the two things important for a driver grip?

The two things you have to take care of for a driver grip are as follows

  • Create club head speed that allows the mobility of the wrist. If your wrists are tight, you won’t be able to create great club head speed. Mobility of the wrist is a major component of speed.
  • Ability to square the club face. If you leave the face open, it results in slicing the ball toward the right. So it’s very important to square the club’s face.

A grip that helps you achieve the perfect Driver Swing

The grip that helps you achieve the above two things is a strong grip. Hold a club more in the fingers and a little diagonal across the hand to achieve a strong grip. And the fleshly heel pad of the hand must rest above the club; it helps you to push down. With a trailing hand, you have to set it slightly across the base of the fingers. In such a way that it gains the position to push the ball well.

Things to avoid in a Driver grip

Do not stretch your hand to get on the club, as the tendon muscles get tight, and your wrist will lock up. And the mobility of the wrist decreases, resulting in slow speed. This type of grip is known as a weak grip. So a weak grip is not suitable for a driver grip.

How to achieve a perfect Driver Swing?

Besides a driver grip, other factors which are essential to have a straight and well-shot driver swing are as follows:

. Stance
The stance you take to deliver a driver’s swing is very important.

Lower Body
First, we will discuss the position of a lower body. Adjust your feet in such a way that they should be wider than your shoulders; it ensures that you have gained stability to make a big shoulder turn. The big shoulder turn and stability help you gain more loft and distance.

Upper Body
The position of the lower body is as important as that of the upper body. Tilt your upper body a little bit to the right-hand side. Drops down your right shoulder and move it lightly backward. The tilt helps you hit up the back of the ball, which is essential for a driver’s swing. This stance results in achieving maximum speed and distance.

2. Ball position
Another thing that is important besides stance is the ball position. For the perfect ball position, we want the club to move in the back of the ball. For a driver swing upwards angle of attack is needed. To get the upward ball angle position yourself in such a way that the ball remains near your left heel. Some people position the ball right in the middle of the stance, which is not suitable for driver shots.

Iron Grip

Iron grip

For an iron grip neutral grip is the most used among golfers. With a neutral grip, a straight shot and squaring of the club face is comparatively easy. A few tricks which work wonders to achieve the best iron grip are as follows:

  • For the right-hand golfer, hold the club in the left hand in such a way that it is in the center of the forefinger.
  • The left hand must be pointing straight down towards the shaft.
  • Make your grip reasonably secure but not too tight.
  • Also, don’t leave any gaps between your fingers and the rubber of the club.
  • The position of the thumbs is very important as when we go to the top of the swing; they are the only thing supporting the club.
  • For the right hand, arrange it on a club in such a way that your fingers overlap the left-hand fingers.
  • To check if you have the right grip, see the position of V forming between your hands. The V should be pointed towards your right armpit.

Note: For the left-handers, the grip positions are reversed.

How to achieve a perfect Iron Swing?

There are other factors that you need to master to get a flawless iron swing. These are the four things necessary to have a perfect iron swing.

. Angle of attack
The difference between an iron swing and a driver swing is that in the iron swing ball is not on the tee. The ball is on the ground, so you want the club to sit down the ball predominantly. So the angle of attack is coming down.

As we know, the iron swing is completely different from the driver, so the stance is also changed. You also need a wide stance for irons but not as wide as the drivers. The width of the feet should be the same as that of the shoulders. Also, your chest will be positioned over the golf club.

Position of the ball
The ball should be placed in the center of your stance.

Weight Distribution
Make sure that 55% percent of your weight is on the front leg, as it makes sure that you hit the ball first and the ground after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing the grip is not necessary for every shot. It depends on the golfers. If your one grip works best for both drivers and irons, you do not need to change that. But in my opinion, what works best for me is the neutral grip for irons and a strong grip for drivers.

If people say driver and iron grip require the same tactics, they are guiding you wrong. In a driver’s swing, a ball is placed on the tee, and you have to cover a large distance. While in the iron swing, the ball is on the ground, and you have to cover less distance as compared to the drivers. So the setup, stance, and ball angle are different from each other. The article discusses the ideal setup for both driver and iron swings. Follow them, and you can achieve the consummate shot.

A comfortable hand feeling is the most important for a good grip. Squeezing too hard for a grip will make your hand uncomfortable, and you will not be able to deliver a flawless shot.


Grip matters a lot in golf. It determines your tendency to shoot your shot. The grip is the only point of contact between the club and the golfer, so it transmits power and control through the swing. Now you have a clear idea about different grips and what is best for your driver and iron grip. Try strengthening or weakening your grip if your ball misses towards the right or left. Achieving a good and natural grip does not happen in a day or two. Constant practice and determination will certainly lead you to success. Follow us for more golf insight.

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