What is Bunker Golf?

What is bunker golf

Bunker in golf means it is the name of a special place and it is prepared for a special purpose. The purpose of which is to test the ability of the players to hit the ball from the sand.

The latest edition of the Rules of Golf defines bunkers, which used to be classified as “hazards” on the golf course (a term that was highlighted in the 2019 edition of the rulebook). There are some holes in the ground, sometimes natural and sometimes man-made, which are filled with sand. or similar content. Bunkers vary in shape, size, and depth. They are usually found serving as guardians of putting greens, but are sometimes featured for miles and miles.

Some colloquially call them sand traps, but bunkers are the official term used in golf rules and regulations. Rule 12 makes it very clear what can and cannot be done in a bunker, as the rules for playing outside the bunker are different from playing from the fairway. (Importantly, the club cannot be grounded in the bunker before the shot is played – doing so incurs a shot penalty.)

A grass bunker just like that cannot be called a bunker according to the rules and regulations of golf. However, you play with them as you would from the rough or fairway. Grass bunkers have deep indentations in the fairway. They look just like a normal bunker except they don’t have sand in them because it’s a grass area.


A cross bunker is also a type of bunker that crosses your ball when playing the hole. Therefore, you have to hit the ball above it instead of behind it. A cross bunker can come in different shapes and sizes. But normally it is wide and almost perpendicular to the fairway.

Here are some important points about cross bunkers in golf:

1.Purpose: Cross bunkers serve many purposes in golf course design. They add visual appeal to the hole and provide an element of strategic thinking.

To avoid or control bunkers, golfers must make decisions about how to go and play shots, which adds complexity and interest to the hole.

Golfers must make decisions about where to go and how to play their shots to avoid or control bunkers, which adds complexity and interest to the hole.

Placement Decisions Cross bunkers are placed diagonally or vertically across the fairway, creating an obstacle that golfers must negotiate to reach the green.

They are sometimes placed at a strategic distance from the tee box to challenge golfers on all tee shots.


A pot bunker is a particularly vicious bunker design that is small, round and very deep and much harder to get out of than most bunkers. This is commonly found on links courses.


There are different types of bunkers in golf, some are filled with sand, some are filled with grass, and they are made specifically for golf. Which are strategically placed to test players’ strategies and thinking.

They act as a variety of obstacles that golfers navigate to reach the green, adding complexity and interest to each hole. While colloquially known as “sand traps”, the official term used in the Rules of Golf is “bunkers”.

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