How to tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long or Too Short

Playing golf can be quite tricky and challenging; thus, having good golf equipment matters a lot. Golf clubs are one of the most important assets in determining your game. A good golf club helps you deliver the perfect shot. Moreover, the right length of a golf club is crucial for success. Having too long or short golf clubs can cause severe damage to your swings and, ultimately, lower your overall score.

There are several ways to determine if your golf club is too long. If your stance is too upright, there is an excellent chance that your golf club is long. Moreover, having a bent position is also an indication of the long clubs. Furthermore, if the toe of your club is not on the ground at the point of address, then you are handling a long cub. Further detail of the above points and more indications of a long club will be discussed in this article.

How to tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long?

The Standard Length of Golf clubs

First, it’s essential to understand the standard length of a golf club. There are 5 different types of golf clubs woods, including drivers, irons, putters, hybrids, and wedges.

The standard length for a driver is around 45 inches, while the standard length for a 7-iron is around 37 inches. Moreover, the standard length for putters and wedges is around 35 inches. While the length of hybrids may come between 38-41 inches. These lengths can vary depending on the manufacturer, but they give you a good baseline to work with.

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Indications that your club is too long

You can determine that your club is too long if you are facing all these problems:

Check your Posture and Stance

To determine if your golf clubs are too long, look at your posture and stance when you address the ball. If you find that you have to stand too far away from the ball to reach it with your club, then your club may be too long. This can cause you to stand too upright, which can throw off your balance and cause you to hit the ball inaccurately.

Moreover, if your posture is not good, your ball will not land where you meant it to be. An upright posture will cause a poor takeaway. You will be hitting the ball everywhere. And you will be slicing the ball instead of hitting it right. So, if you find your posture upright, try changing your golf club or consult a golf instructor to tackle your problem.

Look at the Distance between your hands and the ground

Another way to tell if your clubs are too long is by looking at the distance between your hands and the ground when you’re holding the club. Ideally, your hands should be at waist height or slightly above it. If your hands are too high or too low, it can be an indicator that your clubs are too long.

Different clubs suit differently to each person. A club that is right for you does not necessarily means it will work for everyone. So, when you buy a club, remember to check its height so that you can deliver the best shots when playing.

Check your Ball Flight

Ball flight in golf determines your score. Thus having a consistent and up-to-the-mark ball flight is pretty essential. If your ball flight is too high or it moves towards the left (for right-handers), it is mainly because of the long golf clubs. Inconsistent ball flight can be caused by other reasons as well.

Comfort Level

Lastly, it’s essential to consider your comfort level when using your golf clubs. If you have to strain or bend your body to hit the ball, your clubs may be too long. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of focus and concentration, and being comfortable with your equipment can help you stay relaxed and focused on your shots.

We all know that comfort is one of the important aspects of doing anything. The same is the case with golf clubs. So if you don’t find your golf club comfortable, try fitting or replacing it. There are some players who deliver great shots with a long club, but for many of us, it is pretty difficult. Adjusting golf length till you reach your comfort level can cause a drastic change in your game.

What happens when your club is too long?

When your golf club is different from your standard height, it can be catastrophic. I have a terrible experience playing with a long golf club. It affected my ball flight, and I was not able to cover the maximum distance in drivers. But for some people, long golf clubs can work quite significantly. However, long golf clubs affect swings, ball flight, consistency, stance, and accuracy for many of us. So long golf clubs can be the reason if you are facing all these problems. Try replacing your club or get a professional to adjust your golf club according to height.

What are the indications of a short golf club?

Several indications tell you that you are playing with a short golf club. Some of these are:

Bend Stance

As you may know, that stance is very important in a game of golf. A wrong stance will lead to poor shots and lower scores. If a golf club forces your back to bend over too much, that may be because you are playing with a shorter golf club. That bend position may cause severe pain in your back. So, try adjusting your golf club or play with a club of longer length than your shorter one.

How to tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long?
,Posture in golf

Heel off the ground

Another way of telling if your golf club is shorter is to check the point of the address of your club. When taking your swing, if the heel of your club is above the ground at the point of contact, then you are swinging with a shorter club. So check the club position to make sure you have a shorter club.

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The ball hits the heel of the club

How to tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long?

If your ball is often making contact with the heel of a club, it may be because your golf club is shorter than you require. To solve this problem, you can change your golf club or adjust your game in such a way that hitting from the heel will give you a better chance at winning the game.

What happens when your club is too short?

A shorter golf club can also cause problems for you. A shorter golf club can cause you to deliver inconsistent shots. Moreover, you develop the tendency to push the ball a lot. Furthermore, a shorter golf club forces you to bend too much, which can result in back pain.

For many players, a shorter golf club creates better results than the longer one. But it depends on the player and their skills. If you can play well with a shorter golf club, that club is best for you.

Why it is important to have the right length of a golf club?

Swing and the Accuracy of your shots

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is their golf clubs. The length of your golf clubs can greatly affect your swing and the accuracy of your shots. If your clubs are too long, you may find it difficult to control your swing and hit the ball accurately. So, having the perfect length golf club is quite important to get accurate swings and a high overall score.

Distance of the ball

Moreover, the length of a golf club affects the distance your ball is carrying. It is quite important to choose the club that fits your height so you will be able to have the best swings. If you are too tall for the club, your swings will not be able to carry the maximum distance. While if you are too short, you will not be able to hit the ball high. So playing with the golf club that fits you is important.

Natural Swing

Moreover, using the correct club length allows golfers to make a more natural swing, resulting in greater accuracy and distance. A too-long or short club can cause the golfer to compensate by making awkward adjustments, leading to mishits and poor shots.

Reduces chances of Injury

Lastly, using the correct club length can reduce the risk of injury, as it allows the golfer to maintain a natural and comfortable stance throughout the swing.

How to determine the correct golf club length respective to your height

The correct golf club length is very important in playing golf and can be determined by the golfer’s height, arm length, and wrist-to-floor measurement. A golfer’s height is the most important factor in determining the correct club length. Generally, taller players require longer clubs, while shorter players require shorter clubs.

Arm length is also essential, as players with longer arms may require shorter clubs than someone with a similar height but shorter arms. Wrist-to-floor measurement is the distance from the golfer’s wrist to the floor when standing upright, which is also taken into account when determining the correct club length

To determine the correct golf club length for height, golfers can use a simple chart that provides the recommended club length based on height. The chart is as follows

HeightAddition to standard lengths:
More than 6.6 inchesAdd two inches
6.5 inchesAdd 1 and a half inches
6.3-6.5 inchesAdd 1 inch
5.10-6.2 inchesAdd half inches
5-5.9 inchesUse standard golf clubs

Important Note: It is important to note that the chart is only a guideline. Golfers may need to make adjustments based on their arm length and wrist-to-floor measurement. Golfers can also visit a professional club fitter to get a custom fitting, which takes into account not only the golfer’s height but also their swing characteristics, such as swing speed, ball flight, and spin rates.


In conclusion, the length of your golf clubs can greatly affect your game. If you suspect that your clubs may be too long, there are several things you can do to check. By looking at your posture, hand position, swing, and overall comfort level, you can determine if your clubs need to be adjusted or replaced. With the right equipment, you can improve your accuracy and enjoy your time on the golf course.

Moreover, the correct golf club length for height is crucial for golfers to achieve their maximum potential. Height, arm length, and wrist-to-floor measurement are essential factors that determine the right club length, and golfers can use a chart or get a custom fitting to find their ideal club length. Using the correct club length promotes good posture and balance, allows for a more natural swing, and reduces the risk of injury. As such, golfers should prioritize finding the correct club length to improve their game and to score high score.

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