Will Golf Cart Batteries Freeze? Steps to make sure your Battery works after Winters

Golf cart batteries are an essential component in the operation of golf carts. They are the power source necessary to run the electric motor. So maintaining and taking care of the golf cart batteries is an important task. One concern that golf cart owners may have regarding their batteries is whether or not they will freeze during winter.

So do golf cart batteries freeze? Yes, golf cart batteries do freeze. A discharged battery freezes at a higher temperature than the charged battery. A discharged battery freezes at 20° F while a charged battery freezes at -80°F. As you can see, that’s a lot of difference, and you can save your battery if you take the necessary measures. Read this article to learn how to save your batteries from freezing and how to store them securely.

Will golf cart batteries freeze?

Golf Cart Battery Freezing Temperatures

Battery:Temperature in °FTemperature in °C
Discharged battery20 °F-6.67 °C
Charged battery-80 °F-62 °C

So it is necessary to charge your golf cart batteries in the winter.

How to charge Golf Cart Batteries in Winter?

In cold weather, a golf cart battery tends to charge slower. But when charged, the battery will stay longer. It is quite necessary to charge your battery in winter to minimize the chance of them freezing.

Moreover, the battery will lose its capacity in the winter. When the 15-20° temperature goes below 80 °F, the battery will start to lose 10% of its capacity. But do not worry because losing capacity is a temporary thing. And your battery will get to maximum capacity in hot weather.

Golf Cart Battery in Hot vs. Cold Weather

Hot weatherCold weather
Golf battery charges quickly.Golf battery charges slowly.
The golf battery discharges quickly.The golf battery discharges slowly.
The capacity of the battery does not decrease.The capacity of the battery decreases.
Electrolytes in the battery compact.Electrolytes in the battery expand, causing the battery to freeze.

How does a Golf Cart Battery Freeze?

A battery freezes in cold weather when the electrolyte in it expands. When a golf cart battery is partially charged or discharged, there is an excellent chance that the electrolyte in the battery expands. This expansion of electrolytes can create a crack in the battery. This crack in the battery can lead to a leak or complete battery breakage. So, learn the precautionary measures below to take care of your golf cart batteries, so they do not freeze in winter.

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How to Store Golf Cart Batteries in the Winter?

How to Store Golf Cart Batteries in the Winter?

Golf cart batteries are pretty expensive, so taking extra measures will help you in the long run. Batteries should be fully charged before storing in cold weather. But before charging the batteries, these things need to be checked. 

Before Charging a Golf Cart Battery

Cable Condition of the battery

Ensure the battery cables are neat, clean, and corrosion-free. If the battery cables are corroded, they can cause a voltage drop between batteries. Moreover, corroded cables can fail because of heat resistance. So make sure your cables are not corroded before charging the battery. Also, clean the cable before applying it to the batteries.

Clean Batteries

clean golf cart battery

On batteries, the acid will accumulate on top in normal conditions. This acid will cause damage to terminal connections and frames. To neutralize acid use a 50% solution of water and baking soda. This procedure is recommended once a month. Do this procedure before charging and storing your batteries in winter. As acid on the battery can cause faster discharge than usual.

Electrolyte Level

electrolyte levels of golf cart battery

Check if your battery has the right electrolyte level before charging it. Do not charge if the electrolyte is below the top of the battery. As it can cause severe damage to your battery. So maintaining your electrolyte level is necessary before charging the battery.

Charge Battery

If you have checked all the above points now, charge your batteries. Fully charge your batteries and only turn off your charger when the maximum battery condition is met. 

After Charging the Battery

After charging the battery, follow these steps to protect your battery for a long time.

TOW Switch

tow switch of golf cart battery

After charging your battery, enabling the tow switch is one of the most critical steps. When you are done charging, move the TOW switch to the TOW position. This turns off the system for regenerative braking and relieves the battery pack of its burden. Without moving the switch to TOW, your battery will discharge within a matter of weeks.

If you do not enable the TOW switch in winter, your battery will freeze and crack eventually. Moreover, if you are storing your golf cart battery for a long time, also charge your battery full and enable the TOW switch. Even without winter, if your battery is discharged, it can cause irreversible damage to your batteries.

Battery Self-discharge Rate

The manufacturers give you the battery self-discharge rate. For most batteries, the discharge rate is 1%. So, the fully charged battery will move to zero in 100 days. So charge your batteries after a month in winter to avoid the risk of freezing them over.

Should you leave your golf cart plugged in for the whole winter?

Plugging in your golf cart for the whole winter depends on the manufacturer of your cart.
If you have a Yamaha golf cart, then unplug them completely.
If you have an E-Z-Go golf cart, then keep your cart unplugged in the extended storage.
If you have a club car, then keep your chargers plugged in for extended storage.

Moreover, an auto charger is a great alternative to keep you away from your charging worries. When an auto charger is plugged in, it will automatically charge the battery once the charging goes down.

Another way to make sure your batteries do not freeze (Battery warmer or a battery heater)

One way to ensure that golf cart batteries do not freeze is to use a battery warmer or a battery heater. These devices can be attached to the battery and keep it at a constant temperature, even in the coldest temperatures.

It is also essential to properly maintain the battery throughout the year to ensure that it is in good condition when winter arrives. This includes checking the battery’s water levels, cleaning the terminals, and testing the battery’s voltage.


In conclusion, golf cart batteries can freeze, but it depends on whether the battery is fully charged. A fully charged battery has less chance of freezing in the winter as compared to a partially charged or discharged battery. Furthermore, before charging the battery, ensure cables are clean and electrolytes are at the proper level and remove the battery acids.

Moreover, to prevent freezing and damage to the battery, it is essential to keep it in a warm, dry place during the winter months and consider using a battery warmer or heater. Proper maintenance throughout the year can also ensure that the battery is in good condition when winter arrives.

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