What is a Golf Umbrella

Have you noticed people playing golf with an umbrella? And you may think that they are just showing off their new equipment. But that’s not the case, a golf umbrella is specially designed to help golfers in windy or rainy seasons. If you do not have a golf umbrella in a rainy game you have to sit out of a game or get soaked away. A golf umbrella is not a necessity, but it can save you from harsh weather conditions.

So what exactly is a Golf Umbrella?

A golf umbrella is a large, sturdy umbrella designed to protect golfers from the elements while they play. Unlike regular umbrellas, which are typically small and compact, golf umbrellas are significantly larger and often have a broader canopy to provide better coverage.

This article will cover golf umbrellas in detail and how you can buy the right umbrella for your game.

What if golf umbrella

Size of a Golf Umbrella

The most notable feature of a golf umbrella is its size. Most golf umbrellas have a diameter of around 60 inches, which is roughly five feet. This allows the umbrella to provide ample coverage for the golfer, their clubs, and their caddy, shielding them from rain, wind, and even sun. Some golf umbrellas are even larger, with canopies reaching up to 70 inches in diameter.

What is the purpose of a Golf Umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are designed to be tough and sturdy. They are specially created to withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rain. Also, find out Do Golf Courses Close When It Rains? They are often made with reinforced frames and double-layered canopies, which provide extra strength and stability.

In addition to their size and durability, golf umbrellas are also designed for convenience. Many golf umbrellas come with ergonomic handles, which make them easier to carry and maneuver. Some even come with unique features like automatic opening and closing mechanisms or wind vents, which help to prevent the umbrella from inverting in strong winds.

Types of Golf Umbrellas

There are different types of golf umbrellas. Some of them are discussed below

1. Handle Shape

Golf umbrellas come with different types of handles. Handles can be straight or curved. I generally prefer the curve handle. You can buy any type of umbrella according to your choice.

2. Folds Quantity

Some umbrellas have more folds. This makes them more wind and rain resistant. Such umbrellas are extremely helpful for golfers who frequently play in rainy areas.

3. The shape of the Canopy

Golf umbrellas also have different types of canopy shapes. You can buy any of them as you like.

4. Opening style

There are two opening styles of golf umbrellas:

  1. Manual opening style
  2. Automatic opening style

5. Quality

Golf umbrellas come in different qualities and materials. You can choose the umbrella according to the weather conditions of your golfing area.

Things to consider while purchasing a Golf Umbrella

What is golf umbrella

There are several things to consider when purchasing a golf umbrella


The size of the umbrella is essential. A golf umbrella should be large enough to protect you, your clubs, and your caddie from the rain. A typical size is around 60-68 inches.


Since you will be using the umbrella outside, choosing one that is durable and can withstand wind and rain is crucial. Look for umbrellas with sturdy frames and high-quality fabrics.

Wind Resistance

Golf umbrellas should be designed to withstand strong winds. Consider looking for umbrellas with wind-resistant frames or double-canopy designs that can help prevent the umbrella from turning inside out during strong gusts.


Look for an umbrella with a comfortable grip that is easy to hold, especially when wet. Rubber or foam handles are a good choice.


Consider the weight of the umbrella. You do not want to carry a heavy umbrella around the course, but you also want to avoid one so lightweight that it won’t withstand windy conditions.

Color and Design

Consider purchasing an umbrella that matches your golf bag or attire, or one with a design you like


Golf umbrellas come in a wide range of prices, so it’s essential to consider your budget when selecting. Keep in mind that a high-quality, durable umbrella may be more expensive, but it will likely last longer and provide better protection.

Is it necessary to use a golf umbrella?

Whether or not it is necessary to use a golf umbrella depends on the situation and personal preference. Golf umbrellas are typically larger than standard umbrellas, providing more coverage and keeping you and your golf clubs dry in heavy rain.

If you are playing golf in a location where it often rains heavily, or the weather is unpredictable, a golf umbrella may be a good investment. It can also be useful for providing shade on sunny days.

However, if you are playing golf in an area with mild weather and light rain, a standard umbrella may be sufficient. Ultimately, the decision to use a golf umbrella comes down to personal preference and the specific conditions of your golfing environment.

Uses of a Golf Umbrella

A golf umbrella is a large umbrella designed to provide ample coverage and protection from the elements while playing golf. While its primary use is for golfing, there are other situations where a golf umbrella can come in handy, including:

Protection from the Rain

Golf umbrellas are designed to be large enough to cover both the golfer and their golf bag, making them an excellent option for staying dry on rainy days.

Sun Protection

A golf umbrella can also be used as a sunshade to protect against harmful UV rays while playing golf or enjoying outdoor activities. Also, find out how to protect yourself from UV rays.

Wind Protection

The large canopy of a golf umbrella can also offer protection from strong winds, making it an ideal accessory for windy days.

Beach Days

The wide coverage of a golf umbrella also makes it an excellent option for protecting against the sun and wind at the beach.

Outdoor Events

A golf umbrella can be used to provide shade and protection from the elements at outdoor events like concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

Overall, a golf umbrella is a versatile accessory that can be used in various situations beyond just golfing.


In conclusion, a golf umbrella is a specialized type of umbrella designed to provide golfers with protection from the elements while they play. With their large size, durability, and convenience features, golf umbrellas are an essential accessory for any serious golfer.

While golf umbrellas are primarily designed for the golf course, they are also commonly used in other settings. Their large size and durability make them great for outdoor events like weddings or sporting events, where they can provide ample coverage for multiple people. Moreover, anyone who needs reliable protection from the rain, wind, or sun can use a golf umbrella.

I hope now you are clear about what a golf umbrella is and how to buy the perfect one. Do visit us for more golf-related queries.

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